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The Big Bang Theory #3.22 ‘The Staircase Implementation’

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I hate my parents so much. I cannot wait to go away to university. They have known for ages that my 18th needs booking with a fee and that i have a trip to arran and that i have biology. unexpected bill my arse they piss me right off!!!!!!!!!! :@ I am more responsible and im 17 they need a slap. FFUUCKKKKSAKE

Our whole universe was in a hot dense state….

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I love this show. It’s my favourite!! In fact, I shall go and watch it now……BAZINGA! BYEE :D

I wish life was as simple as this. Living in a town with little technology and just following my forefathers into a trade which has been in my family for years.
Instead i am doing a-levels in a smelly town full of benefit scroungers :(
I can dream. 

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I’ve just had work shadowing experience OF THEE CENTURY.
Helped pull out organs.
Embalmed and preserved 2 people!
Absolutely loved it.
Just can’t shake the smell. Oh well, It was the best day everevereverever!
Sorry guys who are squeamish but i had to share this with the cyber world!!!!

You know….

people don’t half talk some shit.
It’s like, why waste internet space?
Just keep thoughts like that in your head.
No one cares. :) 


part 2. 

remembering random moments.

Like laughing at Namir on the bus for his pronunciation of Hasan.
Haha. Oh dear.